Urge Basics Designer Cables

1.00 LBS

Product Description

The Urge Basics Apple-Certified Designer Charge & Sync Lightning Cables uses an original Apple authorized slim connector that allows it to be used with compatible devices without having to remove any external cases. This lightning cable comes in 3ft in length and easily can reach most places without any issue. The Urge Basics Designer cable provides superior protection from every day wear and tear. It will outlast other, non-braided, cables with ease. Designer Cable comes in mesh, snakeskin faux leather, and a leatherette shell. These cables have a sophisticated look that provides additional protection and improves the life of the product. The Urge Basics Designer Cables exemplify substance and style.


Apple MFi certified 8-pin lightning cable and uses the original connector from and authentication chip from Apple

The designer layer provides additional durability and style

Uses original connector from Apple

Slim lightning connector design for use with devices without removing case

Charge and sync your iPhone, iPod, iPad to your Mac or PC

Works with Apple’s firmware updates