Urge Basics Waterproof Case for Apple iPhone

1.00 LBS

Product Description

The Urge Basics Waterproof Case provides complete protection for the iPhone 6 & 6S. It is engineered to fully protect your device from water, dirt, snow and shocks. Complete with 360° of added protection for durability, a precision touch screen for easy usage, and an ultra-slim frame for portability, the Urge Basics Waterproof Case is designed to be an impenetrable, protective shield for your iPhone.

Note: Proper installation of the case is important for it to be successfully protected. Please review the installation and check the user manual to ensure correct pre-waterproof test were successful! Remove any currently installed screen protector on your phone before installation


WaterProof Rating: IP68

Durable, fully sealed design keeps all moisture, dirt and dust out of the case and off your iPhone

Shock resistant and will protect your device if it falls